Game Development Update 001: Unpublished, but not Unplanned

It has been my goal since getting home from China almost two years ago to develop language learning games. It has now gotten to the point that I have learned enough computer languages that I feel more comfortable in creating games for consumption by the public.

I have actually made two games, within the span of two weeks, in late January. After starting this blog, I was feeling guilty saying that I want to develop language learning games, but have not actually produced anything. The first game is a ‘one of these things is not like the other’ game – you have to find the one 汉字 that is not like the others in the grid. The other game is a matching game, which takes advantage of html5 drag and drop elements.

I am also taking an Iphone App development course right now!

My goal is to form an LLC, publish a website with some games, and publish some apps by the end of this summer. I am hoping that by starting with simple games, the business can build a good reputation.

Right now, it’s frustrating because the strategy and implementation is mostly still in my head. I will also not be able to make much progress until I finish this semester. I am taking the supposedly hardest class of my program, Distributed Information Systems, at the moment.


  1. Jericho Jak said:

    Duaimei, that sounds great! I wish you the best with your iPhone app development course. If you’re worried that you’ll run out of steam during the publishing process, you could keep track of your progress here. (I’d be interested in seeing how it goes.) According to the Heath brothers, “Rallying the Herd” is a great way to keep yourself on track. (

    Out of curiosity, how many computer languages do you speak? I don’t speak any at the moment, but I’d like to develop an app for myself.

  2. duaimei said:

    Thank you for commenting! I went to go comment on your progress and it said that you were no longer accepting comments (?) I’m sorry that you didn’t get the amount of studying done that you were hoping to accomplish, but just keep at it and something will happen to make you impressed with yourself.

    I just started programming fall 2011. So far I have taken classes in C++, JAVA, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, HTML (which CSS is sort of clumped with), javascript, PHP, MySQL, and FLASH. I work in a JAVA shop, so I deal mostly with Linux, JAVA, groovy, and MySQL day-to-day.

    The community classes are a lot of fun! Although I’m ready to put some of the programming to use!

    I wouldn’t recommend going straight into learning how to program an app.

    The road I would travel down if I were you is to use extensively to learn html, CSS, and javascript (and SVG.) Iphone apps are made with objective C, which if you squint, is like javascript. Android apps are like JAVA.

    I will definitely read that pdf you put in your comment! I will blog more once I have something to show!

    • You’re right! I consolidated my blogs, so the one is no longer active – you’ll find me (same me) at Sorry I didn’t let you know! The progress you’ve made in just 2 years is incredible – when you say JAVA shop, I assume you don’t mean coffee. Is that a company that produces java code for other companies?

      Thanks for the recommendation. I went to w3schools a few years ago to learn html and CSS, but I’ve since forgotten everything I learned. 😦 Thanks for reminding me that it exists. What do you think of Codeacademy?

      • duaimei said:

        Saying “I work at a JAVA shop” is basically just a way to describe what technology the company uses. The last company I worked at was a .NET (you actually say dot NET) shop. Last night, my class had a guest speaker from the networking department, and he described it a a Cisco shop.

        I also signed up for codeacademy yesterday. I’m not sure I like it. At all. I like that you can earn badges for completion, but I would like an explanation of what is happening before being expected to just type things in a text box. I will probably stick to w3schools.

        You probably have enough on your plate right now, but maybe you’ll find the time to brush up on your webpage making skills. It’s like riding a bike!

      • Huh. That’s so interesting. You’re right, I have a lot on my plate right now, but I’ll find the time eventually. I’ll make sure to try them both out and see which style works best for me, but thanks for your input. I’ll keep that in mind when I try out codeacademy.

  3. You are on the right path to achieve your goals, so it will be exciting to see something end of summer. A great application that I use for Chinese is Pleco. It is not a gaming platform, but more a dictionary/learning tool. Quite a few of my friends use it. Cheers to your continued successes!

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