Japanese Language Learning Tool: Outlandish Move


I was just browsing wordpress’ Japanese section when I came across a post about how the download had been fixed for this game.

(I’m copying and pasting the following paragraph from the site http://outlandishmove.wordpress.com/)

Outlandish Move is a free visual novel written for Japanese students of English. The players character takes an unexpected journey in which they are forced to use English, in many ways their survival depends on it. With twenty possible outcomes, the story will flow based on the decisions of the player.

After clicking on a few links, I was able to actually find the download page: http://outlandishmove.wordpress.com/download/

All I had to do was download it, and unzip it!

It’s focus is an English learning game, but so far the majority of it is in Japanese. Since there are only one our two sentences at a time, it is not frustrating if you have to translate it.The sentences are basic enough that if you’ve studied Japanese for a little bit it will probably be mostly a review.

All you have to do is press the Enter key after you have read text, and the story will go on. When you have a choice a few different red buttons as options to click. If you choose wrong the characters will tell you why you are wrong, but then keep on going. I have to admit it’s been fun clicking on the wrong English phrases.

According to the blog, there are 20 different outcomes. I think the characters actually speak, and there is background music. However, I have only played it on mute so far.

I have to admit that one of the reasons that I want to start a language learning website is because I keep hearing about really cool Japanese learning English games! I think it is only fair that other languages get fun games too!

  1. Darlo said:

    Thank you very much for sharing this game. At the moment the audio version is still being made, but I’m planning on having it completed before the end of May.

    • duaimei said:

      My pleasure! Now that I know about this game, I will definitely keep up with it.

      I had my computer on mute last night, and it was still enjoyable. Having sound will only make it more awesome!

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