I’ve got a BEEF with you!


The spring semester is finally over! Which means…. summer semester has started. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was taking the program’s hardest class in the spring, and they weren’t kidding! This semester is looking to be really fun, though!

I was on a tangent earlier this week, I found a delicious looking recipe when I tried to use google translate for the ingredients. When it got to the meat part it said “beef peach,” I was like, “uh huh.” and tried to find a beef chart for Japanese. Halfway through translating the Japanese beef chart, I found an alternative one where almost none of the labels were the same as the one I had been using >.< . This being said, I would like to issue a disclaimer: I am not an expert in beef parts, and there are probably many ways of saying the different cuts of beef in all three languages. I have listed the different cuts in the chart below.

English 汉字 拼音 日本語 kana romaji
neck 颈部肉 Jǐng bù ròu ネック nekku
Chuck 脖肉 Bó ròu 肩ロース かたロース Kata rousu
Highrib 上脑 Shàng nǎo リブロース riburousu
sparerib 常骨腹肉 Cháng gǔ fù ròu
Shoulder 肩肉 Jiān ròu かた kata
Point End Brisket 前胸肉 Qián xiōng ròu 肩パラ かたぱら katapara
Navel End Brisket 后胸肉 Hòu xiōng ròu ともパラ tomopara
Shinleg 腱子肉 Jiànzi ròu すね sune
Ribeye 眼肉 Yǎn ròu
Striploin 外脊
Wài jí
セーロイン seiroin
Fillet 里脊 Lǐjí フィレ fuire
Rump 臀肉 Tún ròu ランプ ranpu
Topside 米龙 Mǐ lóng 外もも そともも Soto momo
Thickflank 和尚头 Héshangtóu 内もも うちもも Uchimomo
Silverside 黄瓜条 Huángguā tiáo しんたま shintama

English Cuts

Chinese Cuts

Japanese Cuts

  1. This is something that should be taught in school. Knowing your cuts of beef is essential! I watch a lot of cooking shows and you might be surprised how many actual “chefs” don’t even know the cuts.

    • duaimei said:

      Thank you for your comment! When I had cable I used to watch cooking shows sometimes, and I also had to wonder about the participants on occasion. Hopefully, language learners that are trying to translate Japanese and Chinese recipes find this blog post, and they find it helpful! Usually, google translate doesn’t disappoint me, but I don’t think it got a single cut of beef correct!

      • This was a good read actually. 🙂

  2. Wendy said:

    你好。You are learning Japanese too? Wow, looks like we have something in common. I will visit your blog again 🙂

    • Wendy said:

      你好。Just out of curiosity, do you have a Chinese name that read Du-Ai-Mei?

      • duaimei said:


  3. Are you going to make this into a video game? It’d be awesome! Instead of learning geography people could learn beef cuts

    • duaimei said:

      I’m planning on it. I think it would be fun! Plus, I can do pork and chicken as well.

      • At least 7.

        More, if you want to include chicken talons and gizzards (although gizzards would be hard to show…)

      • hmm interesting. Yes gizzards would be weird. Have you considering making anatomy games? I know those would have saved me big time in Physio.

  4. annehow said:

    can you get a diagram with pork?! took forever to find this! thank you much!

    • duaimei said:


      I have found both Japanese and Chinese pork diagrams for you. I hope that these are useful for you. I will can make another blog post that has the translations, however it might be in a little bit because I am in the middle of school finals.



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