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开源节流 an interesting Chinese idiom I came across this morning.
Kāiyuánjiéliú – Open (income) sources and reduce expenditures.

When I used google translate for the Japanese equivalent of 开源节流, I came across コスト削減.

コストさくげん – Kosuto sakugen – which is not an idiom. More like a phrase that means cost reduction. Which, if you read the post I reblogged, is really what his post was about anyway.

Japanese picture that confirms the phrase コスト削減
Japanese picture that confirms the phrase コスト削減
What are some budgeting idioms or phrases you’ve come across while learning languages?

Finance 4 U and Me

Hi all,

Its the first time I’m posting on my personal finance blog. I grew up with a strong insurance background and got myself certified as with Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) Module 5 (Rules and Regulations for Financial Advisory Service) and Module 9 (Life Insurance and Investment-linked Policies), as well as a Certificate in Health Insurance. However, I have not worked as an insurance agent before.

I’ve feel that i’m quite late in terms personal finance, especially in  terms of investing. I’ve read a lot of blogs on investments and I think I should try to pen down some of my personal finance thoughts into a blog. Its also a way for me to improve my writing skills as well. 🙂

Topic for my first post for this blog will be about 开源节流 (broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure)

开源节流 (Broadening income sources and reducing expenditure)

The Chinese idiom 开源节流 translated into…

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